Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Beaches and Rugged Coastline

We had a lovely day out yesterday, starting at Portland Bill and then going on to Weymouth.   Found myself wondering which I loved most - sandy beaches or rugged coastline.   

Concluded that the difference between the two means I can love them both equally.   They both inspire me in different ways and if you can have both on the same day, so much the better.

At Portland the weather was perfect - clear and sunny with a slight breeze that kept you cool.  We wandered along the cliff top debating whether some of the rock formations were natural or man-made. 

There were some more adventurous people who climbed down to the more harder to reach places and there was also a group of students jumping into the sea (it all looked organised and they were appropriately dressed!) but needless to say, we kept up on the top and just admired their courage.

The wild flowers were amazing and grew in amongst the rocks as well as along the top.






On to Weymouth for a walk along the beach...

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