Sunday, 8 October 2017

Stash Buster for Project Linus

One of my aims for this year was to use up fabric from my stash and make some quilts for Project Linus.  It's been a while since I've done one so I had to put it right.

I had a pack of nautical themed fat quarters which I thought would make a change as I don't make many quilts for little boys.   I got some blue fabric for the backing and binding which went well with the front.

Very pleased with the result.  Now must get round to phoning our local contact for Project Linus to pass on the quilts.

Temperature Blanket - September update

This is a bit later for September but I ran out of the yarn I needed and it took a while to get to a new supply.  Thankfully I have now caught up, finished September and go up to date with October.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Beach Huts quilted panel

For my next quilted squares panel I turned to beach huts for inspiration as they are something I've become rather fond of since our move to the coast and see on many of our walks.

One particular place is along Avon Beach where there are many huts in a variety of blue shades so they inspired this panel.

My original plan was to use photographs of the huts but I just couldn't seem to get the colour right.  I really must work with Photoshop more so I can really make the most of it!  I also felt that the photos didn't add enough to the overall look to spend too much time on so I went for using fabric.

Luckily I had a good stash of blue fabric in the shades that I wanted.  As before, I used fabric that I had dyed myself.

Once the fabric was all pieced I quilted around the beach huts as well as lines to show the wooden panelling the doors are made from. 

 I wanted to quilt the lower part of the panel and as I'd noticed that many of the beach huts had names, on one of our walks I recorded all the names that I thought were fitting. These were machine quilted in wave-like lines using white thread to represent white waves. To emphasised the shape I machine quilted in blue variegated thread. 

The quilted fabric was then stretched over a canvas frame.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

October Journal Quilt

Cactus has once again inspired this month's Journal Quilt.

The finished quilt looks very simple and may look like a bit of a cop-out to some but it probably took just as much time and trouble as all the others.

It started with a piece of fabric I had which I think I bought some time ago.  It had been hand dyed and had the appearance of green and yellow stripes and as soon as I saw it in my stash it reminded of a particular cactus we had seen in Gran Canaria - my theme for the year's quilts.

However, the fabric was completely the wrong shape and try as I might I couldn't get it to the 11" square I wanted as the joins needed meant the stripes did not match up.  The downside of hand dyed fabric.   The only way out was to dye my own but of course my result just wasn't as good as the original!

I tried out several ideas for how to create the spikes and settled in the end for free machine quilting them.

The inspirational cactus ....

The November quilt is already to go but I've had a mind block for the final one so let's hope I have some inspiration soon.

WIPs? What WIPs?

Following on from my last post, I am pleased to say that I stuck to my plans to do a bit of each of my Works in Progress each day resulting in three finished crochet projects!

I'm really pleased with the Maid of Honour Shawl because of the way the colours have blended together.   I did have to fiddle a bit at the end as I wanted to make sure I got to the solid colour for the edge and I didn't want to chance not having enough yarn.

So pleased that I worked out how much to do each day for Hope's Blanket as it means I finished it well before her birthday later this month.

I don't want to post to much about it in case she sees it so here's a sneak preview....

My work on the Temperature Blanket has ground to a halt with seven more rows to finish September off.  I have run out of wool in the required colour so as soon as I have caught up I will post the usual monthly update.

And as everything was up to date or finished I managed a couple of extras!

I finally got a chance to start on the August Little Box of Crochet but I must confess I wasn't happy with my efforts.   It was a pattern for a little crochet purse worked in two halves and then joined and sewn in to a frame.  I worked the first side and felt I was struggling so put it to one side.   Once I had time I watched some lovely help videos that went with it and found that my initial attempt was actually okay so I did the second side and finished it last night.

I think this is going to fall into the category of "nice to do but I won't be rushing to do more just yet".

A little extra in the box was some cross-stitch which I did enjoy doing - always find cross stitch calming as it satisfies the mathematical part of my brain.

So, as I've caught up I have been able to add so projects to my list!

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Works in Progress

In previous posts I have mentioned that I have several WIPs and I have to do a bit of each every day so that I get them all finished.  I thought I'd let you see just what is on the go at the moment.....

Temperature Blanket

I keep this up to date, usually once a week so I don't get behind.  This photo shows it up to the end of August.   I didn't realise how obsessive it can become watching the daily temperature and then remembering just what we did on this hot day or that cold day!   This is definitely going to be a blanket of memories.

Blanket for Hope

My granddaughter Hope requested a blanket for her 10th birthday in October so I started it last month while she was staying with us.   She wanted it in shades of blue and went through the Stylecraft colour chart choosing the colours she liked.   I had several blues left from the Last Dance blanket, picked up some off balls on my travels and them ordered some from Wool Warehouse to hopefully give me enough.

Hope then had a look at all the blankets on Attic24 and chose the Hydrangea blanket which I was pleased with as it is straightforward and works up quickly.  I've worked out that to get it finished in plenty of time I must do six rows each day and so far I have stuck to it.

The photo was taken at the beginning so it is much longer now.

Maid of Honour Shawl

I decided I wanted something for myself so I'm making a shawl.  It's called Maid of Honour and was designed by Natasha of Buttonnose Crochet.

I'm using Scheepjes Whirl in the Salted Caramel Matcha colour which is blue, through green to caramel and I'm just loving the way the colours blend through the changes.  I haven't got far at the moment as this has been number three on my schedule and only gets done if I have completed the others on the day's schedule.

Little Box of Crochet

Although technically, this is not a WIP as all I've done so far is open the box have a peek and quickly close it again so I don't get sucked in.   I know what's in there - a lovely crochet purse project and a cross stitch project so I have to call on all my often not very strong willpower and wait until I can do it with a clear conscience.   Trouble is another Little Box will be coming soon so I can't leave it too long!


I have long been a fan of Mandalas, mainly through colouring them in one of the many books on sale for adults or drawing them as part of Zentangles - two things I do to relax and keep my fingers busy on the very rare occasions that I have nothing to do!

When Little Box of Crochet included a mandala in their May box I just had to do one, loved every minute of making it and am very thrilled with the finished result.

 It measures about 15" across so I will mount it and frame it so it can hang somewhere in the house. 

I have already bought some more yarn - Scheepjes Catona - to make another one to match the colours in our bedroom.