Thursday, 7 December 2017

Completed Crochet Projects

I have a couple of crochet project that have been finished for a few weeks but seem to have slipped through the blog net!

The first is a Lazy Waves Shawlette that I made for myself.  The pattern was from Dedri Uys who you can find at Look What I Made where you can see a great range of crochet patterns to tempt you. The yarn was bought from RiverKnitsYarn, a independent yarn dyer who lives and work on a narrowboat.  You can check her out on Etsy and Instagram.

The wool I chose was  Superwash Blue Faced Leicester 4 Ply in a colour called  Impressionist which is definitely an accurate name as I felt like I was living in a Monet lily-pad while I was making it.

I love it have worn it so much since I finished it.

Another crochet make was a couple of Frozen Snowflakes which are now hanging in our Christmas Tree.   This pattern is by LillaBjorn Crochet Design and again it is worth checking out her website as she is another wonderful crochet designer.   Many of her patterns involve overlay crochet techniques which I love for a challenge. I used cotton yarn left from other projects.   

I had intended to make more but that will have to wait until next Christmas.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

December Journal Quilt

I mentioned last month that I was struggling with ideas for the final quilt of this year but fortunately the light bulb moment came and I managed to get the remaining idea into fabric.

The inspiration came from a tree we frequently passed which seemed to have hessian type fibres where the leaves had been trimmed off.

I think it was the fibres that I liked and where the leaves had been cut off, I thought the shapes would relate well in to patchwork.

It did take me a time to get my head around it, mainly because time was short and I wanted something that was not too complicated and took too long.

I settle in the end on using zig-zag strips on which I turned the hems.  The zig-zag meant I could quilt diamond shapes to reflect the cut edges on the tree.  I used some dyed fabric I had in my stash -I can't remember where I got it from but it is not one of my own.   The hessian that I laid in between the rows is a bit more uniform than I wanted but yet again, I love the messy, uneven look of things but somehow when I recreate them, I have to go to the neat and tide option!

I've really enjoyed creating this year's collection of quilts as it has made me take an idea and use a variety of ways of interpreting the source.    Some have proved more successful than others.  Some I love and some I don't.

I'm looking forward to next year's challenge and already have ideas mulling around in my head.

What happened to November?

November was a bit of a mad month for us with lots going on but not much achieved!

We had a 'family event', for want of a better phrase, which we expected to take up a chunk of the month so I have been busy making sure I had as much preparation done for Christmas in case events overtook us.

To explain, our grandson Samuel, who has just had his 8th birthday, was due to have heart surgery. This is something we've known would need to be done since he was born but it still took us by surprise and although we've known for the past year that it was likely to happen this year it wasn't any easier when the time arrived.

My husband and I went up to Northampton so we could look after his sister and keep life as normal as possible for her while Samuel went to London with his Mum and Dad.   In the middle of the month they went off and we settled in Northampton armed with timetables and maps of places to go that our daughter had prepared for us.   Sadly, the next day Samuel's operation was cancelled due to an emergency operation which took longer than expected.   His operation was rebooked for two weeks later and yet again, having done all the travelling as before, it was yet again cancelled because of lack of staff.   We still wait to hear the next date.

As you can imagine, all this is more than upsetting for all the family.  Samuel seems to take it all in his stride but as time goes on he is affected more by the condition and is tired most of the time.   The rest of us rant and rage with very little effect and feel very distrusting of the system that can let this happen.

As a result of this, I felt I have not had a particularly productive month but when I came to do a round up for Instagram at the end of November, I was surprised at just how much I had done so I do some update post over the next few days.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Another quilt for Project Linus

Here is another quilt I've made for Project Linus.  This one uses black and white fabric with touches of red.   Earlier this year I read on the Project Linus website that they wanted black and white quilts for the Festival of Quilts this year so when I saw this fabric I knew I had to have it.  Sadly, it was not complete in time for FOQ but better late than never.

I used a simple rail fence pattern and then backed and bound it with red fabric.

I've just seen on their website that the theme for next year's FOQ is railfence so I guess I will be able to make one or two quilts using up my stash!

Thursday, 2 November 2017

November Journal Quilt

This month's Journal Quilt was inspired yet again by cactus.

I started by curved piecing the background using my own dyed fabric.   Yellow spines were then bonded in rows and these were machine quilted, again in rows.

Sounds simple but there were many trials getting the size of the spines right!

The next and final quilt for the year is still undecided.   I have used up all the ideas I had in January with the exception of one that I just can't seem to get from my brain to fabric.  I'm trying to come up with an idea that combines all the designs and colours of the other eleven quilts but again nothing has so far come to fruition.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Virus Shawl

The virus shawl I mentioned a few days ago is  blocked and dried and photographed.

The pattern I used was one from Ravelry and was designed by Julia Marquardt.  It has been very popular with over 4,000 projects recorded on Ravelry. It only made a small one, just one ball of wool, as I intend to wear it just as a neck shawl, secured with a pin.

I bought the wool at The Slipped Stitch in Sherborne and it is 80% Blue Faced Leicester and 20% nylon and was hand dyed.  The colour is called Olive Groves and it's only when you are working it that you can see just how mane shades of green there are in it.

Little Box Slippers

September's project for Little Box of Crochet was a pair of cosy slippers made in Yarns and Colors Charming which is a cotton and acrylic blend.

Now I haven't got a very good track record when it comes to tension which is why, apart from shawls, I tend not to make garments for myself or anyone else.  But as I always look upon my monthly Box as my monthly challenge, I set to to make this snuggly pair of slippers, ignoring the voice beside me on the sofa saying "what are you going to do with those!"

The first one, true to form, came up so big it was even too big for the voice beside me on the sofa!  I have made the one that fitted a size 7 (my shoe size) so I undid it and made the smallest size - size 4.  This was a good fit and I felt once the trim was worked around the edge, they would fit fine.   The second one was made in exactly the same way but ended up bigger than the first!  Not to be deterred, I made the decorations as instructed but as this did not make any difference to the size, the finished slippers will now be put away, never to be worn.

They look go though!  To give them their full name, they are Bohemian Dreams Slippers designed by Cecile Balladino.

One funny story to finish .... the finished slippers were on my desk when I was wrapping Hope's Blanket ready for her birthday.  However, after  wrapping there was only one slipper left!  I searched all around where I had been but there was no sign of it.   Well you can guess what had happened, and as I wasn't going to unwrap the present, I waited to retrieve it when Hope opened it on her birthday!

Now she's received her blanket, this is what the whole thing looks like.  She loved it!