Monday, 5 June 2017

Distracted by rust again!

Things seem to be conspiring to send me down the rust route again!

The first was a workshop on WOW (Workshop on the Web) which used rusting powder, something I have never used before having gone down the rusting pieces of metal route instead.   Having tried the powder I will never use rusting pieces of metal again!

I tried out an idea I have of using words with rust, playing with the juxtaposition of words like "FOREVER" AND "ALWAYS" together with rust.  Bit mad but it is still in the development stage.

To try out the method, I cut the words RUST from freezer paper and ironed them to the fabric.  After a douse of water/white vinegar mix, a quick sprinkle with the powder and, hey presto, a couple of hours later the rusting was complete.   The fabric then needed to be washed and soaked in sodium bicarbonate to neutralise the rusting process. 

I was delighted with the result!

I did that a few weeks ago and since then I've been back to the rusty wall which inspired a series of work a few years ago and once again I found myself thinking about a new piece of rusty work. 

I've now added some seed stitching in rusty coloured thread, some cream French knots and some beads.

I'm going to use the panel in a quilted hanging using squares of different rusty coloured fabrics, including some coloured with the rusting powder.   I have worked in this way before and feel drawn to it once again.

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